Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Elaun Oh Elaun

I know everyone at my college especially my classmates really can’t wait (of coz me too!) for our incoming allowance. It supposed in August but my college facing some problems like account or something like that so our duit ribu riban-but still-not-enaf disejukbekukan until god-know-when.*sigh* .

After bought macam-macam things last week, I realized that my PAMA’s allowance only enough for another 2 weeks. Giler weih! Thing happened like this, my college director announced that we will get our allowance soon but he didn’t mention the exact date. So my fren just like mendengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan.
Konon pegi Giant hanya beli foods for Ramadhan but it end up with lots of unlist things. Huuu tu baru pegi Giant. Tak pegi JJ, IP etc lagi tu. Tapi rasa cam lamer giler tak shopping mopping.

The problem is I really don’t want my parent do bank-in some more money again.What will they say if im always asking for duhet?? Huhu
Kalo terpaksa juga, I’ve to korbankan my saving lah. No new hp larh jawabnyer..Sob.sob.sob

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