Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My HL-NouriFusion Testimonial

Pic taken last two weeks.

I’ve been using NouriFusion about 1 month++.
I really don’t know either it work on my skin or not but I feel very comfortable with ‘em.
Simple and easy.
What I need just cleanser+toner+moisturizer.
As easy as ABC.
Tak payah nak tempek macam-macam kat muka.
Tapi I really sakit mata tengok my open pores.
Macam kulit roti andd my sunburn..oh plishhh..
i really need to do something on my face before it getting worse.
Any idea ppl?
But plis don’t ask me to change my skincare product. Sayang OK!
Or mebi I’ve to wait until this NF set finish then I ‘ll see the result?


SyarIfaH nuR aThIraH said...

I always want to try NF. but tak tau la nape tak terbeli2...I still using my kose set.. eermm.. open pores, just like mine...try using mask....okay dear! perhaps it gonna work... =D

gudigudi said...

ermm try lah
my friends said..
"muka hang dah makin cerah lahhhhh"
but the open pores..makin nampak..