Saturday, November 15, 2008

End Year’s Catch

Semester berakhir but my mind still think that we are in the end of the year. Belom lagik kan. 2 months left rite. Rasa cam esok lusa dah nak masuk new year. Have you done all your 2008’s resolution, friends?Not yet?Haha. Tak per.tak per taun depan la finish them. Kuikui

Alhamdulillah.My exam finally completely over.. Of course have to celebrate it.

Tell me sape tak hepi exam dah habis?We have double celebration-exam is over and MokSyok besday celebration in advance. But I felt something missing larh. Or maybe we all dah jemu sangat dah celebrate bufday kat McD and KFC?..huhu.nway dear MokSyok or her new gedik-manja name-ChotChot if you read this or never read dis coz i know you lah or what everlah-Happy 21 st Besday..

Andd as usual, I kennot stop myselft from SHOPPING! I like the word but I dislike the consequences after that RABAK+BENGKRAP. Sob3x. Saya sudah bankrap la.

Ala tak pe la, reward for myself-statement penyedap hati.

Kan dan jadik investor CIMB Invest and Save* droll eyes* ceh kalo dah subscribe pon kalo tak gheti nak saving pon tarak guna gak:(

These 4 items bikin saya sengkek. Betul-betul sengkek. Tapi kalo tak beli menyesal seumur idup. Sumpah menipu wakaka.

Just arrived-Nourifusion Nite Cream and Scrub

Juvanex™ 7-Day Program i- specially formulated to eliminate toxins from your body while providing support for healthy digestive and liver functions.Read more-Juvanex

And lastly...proudly present my very first s0-called designer bag..iyo lah tuu*wink*wink*

Wanna see inside?no need so ordinary bag but i jew yang extreme exited. kalo Coach tu harus la tayang kan.. Tapi kalo nak dapat Coach sebijik, i kena puasa setahun. hihi

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