Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I wish.

You've noticed a change huh? She doesn't text you as often. She never calls you anymore. When she does text you, she never says sweet things to you anymore.She takes her time texting you back. When you try and start an argument you can tell she really doesn't give a fuck. She makes you feel pathetic. Guys post on her wall and she actually replies now. You notice that she's moving on, talking to other guys and going on dates. And now you're starting to realize how beautiful she really is. She's amazing isn't she? Well too fucking bad, cause you lost her you dumbass. There was a time when you were her world. Her everything. She really wanted you. But you pushed her aside. You failed to realize that unlike the rest, she wasn't afraid to walk away. She was strong enough to let go . And now suddenly you love her ? Do you even KNOW how much pain you caused her? A fucking ton. So don't come around with your "I miss you" bullshit. She's gone for good.

A copy n paste.
but give awkward feelings to.

Ya Allah.

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Cikgu Sarah said...

tears roll on my cheek.
bila kita syg sgt kat seseorang sesenang jek dia campakkan kite kan.
Sedih sgt.
never mind..

Kadangkala Allah menjauhkan seseorang itu
daripada hidup kita atas sebab-sebab tertentu dan
untuk melindungi kita. Jadi, berhentilah mengejarnya.Sampai masanya ia akan datang kembali atau mungkin yang datang itu lebih baik dari yang di kejar. :D